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Why Should You Buy a Residential Plot: Investor Outlook 

Residential plot

Residential plots continue to be a top choice among real estate investors. Reports suggest that the value of residential plots across eight major Indian cities, including Kolkata,  increased by an average of 7% annually over the past eight years, while rates of apartments only increased by 2%. Investing in a residential plot can unlock multiple opportunities for fostering your financial growth and diversifying your investment portfolio.  For people looking for a stable and long-term investment, there’s no denying that an undeveloped piece of residential plot is certainly worth considering.

In this blog, we shall take a look at the various compelling reasons that make residential plots a highly appealing investment option.

What Makes Residential Plots a Great Investment Choice?

Investing in a residential plot comes with a multitude of financial opportunities. Here’s how you can grasp the fullest revenue potential of your asset. 

  • You Can Develop a House at Your Financial Convenience 

Buying a ready and built-up property often comes at a higher price compared to the cost of developing your house on a residential plot. Instead, by purchasing a residential plot, you can develop a property as you’d like, and this is beneficial in more than one way. You can hire a developer and pay for the project in installments, so you don’t have to mobilise a large sum of capital at once. 

Moreover, incorporating unique features like energy-efficient construction and luxurious highlights, such as vinyl windows, exquisite flooring, ambient lighting, and patio seating can instantly uplift the property value, so you can sell it at a significantly higher price.

  • You Can Hold and Sell the Property for Greater Value

Also known as buy-and-hold, this strategy allows you to leverage the asset’s potential for long-term capital appreciation to the fullest. You can choose to develop the property as discussed above or sell it as-is for a higher value. Meanwhile, you can build a house and rent it out.

However, it is crucial to choose a location with a promising rental market and property appreciation, such as Newtown, Rajarhat. You can claim a higher value if the area experiences infrastructural development, such as public transport, shopping centers, schools, etc. It will help in minimising the risk of vacancy rates or property depreciation.

A shift in market trends such as a rise in demand can also help you higher profits compared to the cost of investment.

  • You Can Earn Consistent Passive Income

You can also develop a house to rent it out, either fully or partially. It’s a great way to earn consistent rental income every month. You can also consider renting out your property for short-term purposes, such as photoshoots, or get-togethers. 

Alternatively, you can offer your property on vacation rental platforms like Airbnb or VRBO to target both local and international tourists visiting Kolkata who are looking for unique accommodations. You can utilise the rental income to pay off the mortgage and bear the preventative and corrective maintenance costs.

  • Secure a Great Long-Term Investment

Regardless of whether you choose to develop a house, or hold the property for a while, Investing in a residential plot is a lucrative investment choice. However, ultimately, it boils down to your financial capacity and your risk tolerance. It also depends on the location and growth prospects of the land, and your personal requirements, such as your move-in plans, and your passive income goals.

Bottom Line 

Although residential plots have an exponential potential of yielding sky-high returns,  it is also important to ensure that you invest in a kind of plot that has an edge, both in terms of location, demand, and future development prospects. So, make a worthwhile investment by choosing a reliable project like Sri Sai Ujaan Nagar. It is not only the largest township project in eastern India but also has a plethora of features that make it more desirable than other properties. 

The 100+ acres project is located in Newtown, the undeniably prime location in the city. The range of amenities, including gyms, parks, and shopping centers, is an added plus. Besides, the plots are ready-to-register, with all the necessary approvals and clearances.  Such multiple features will allow you to earn a significantly high value for your property in the long run,  from an investor’s perspective. Contact us today!

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