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What are some advantages of living within gated township?

advantages of gated township

As residential options evolve, more people are beginning to appreciate the manifold benefits of gated townships. A gated township project is a large, enclosed residential area that provides an inclusive living environment for its residents. They feature a secure entrance gate, limiting access to residents and authorised visitors only. 

If you’re unsure about buying a house in a gated township, let us simplify your decision-making! Read on to learn why you must strongly consider living within a gated township!

6 Unmatched Perks of Living in a Gated Township Project 

Gated township projects provide residents with a one-of-a-kind living experience. Here’s how!

  • Community-driven Experience 

Living in a gated township project fosters a strong sense of community. I have a deep sense of assurance surrounded by a smaller group of people who share a similar lifestyle. Many communities have social gatherings, events and festivities for their residents in the community hall. It’s refreshing and fosters positive interactions, promoting strong bonds.

  • Enhanced Security

The primary reason people opt for gated communities is the additional layer of security they provide. These properties boast state-of-the-art security measures, like manned gates and CCTV monitoring, minimizing crime risk. Entries are restricted to residents and verified guests, ensuring a safe environment, particularly for children and the elderly.”


  • Green Spaces and Recreational Facilities

One of the major upsides of living in gated township projects is the well-maintained environment. You get to enjoy ample open space in the vicinity with gardens, parks, and walking trails. Most importantly, such townships come with a full range of amenities. These include swimming pools, gyms, clubhouses, and sports grounds. The on-site availability of recreational facilities promotes an active lifestyle, enhancing overall quality of life.

  • Better Property Value 

Properties within gated townships maintain and upgrade their value better than open neighbourhoods or standalone buildings. Their desirability, coupled with a greater level of security, high-quality amenities, and exquisite landscaping, contribute to solid property value maintenance. Well-kept surroundings further enhance the potential for appreciation.

  • Improved Infrastructure and Maintenance

Gated township project have well-planned infrastructure systems in place. This includes consistent water supply, efficient garbage disposal, regular pest control, and uninterrupted power supply. Plus, maintenance services are usually provided by the township administration. This makes it easier for you to reach out in case of any issues and get them addressed promptly.

  • Peace of Mind 

Gated townships offer peace of mind in tranquil suburban settings, away from urban congestion. The gated design minimises unwanted intrusion of both people and stray animals. Additionally, it controls crowd movement, ensuring residents’ peace and privacy.

Final Word 

Choosing to live in a gated township ensures a comfortable and secure lifestyle. Plus, it offers an added sense of community. Despite the initial cost, the amenities and services offered provide a comprehensive living experience. Moreover, these offerings enhance the overall quality of life within the community It adds great value to your investment.

“So, if you cherish tranquility and appreciate convenience, residing in a gated township could be the perfect fit for you. Value security? It’s an ideal choice.”
Sri Sai Ujaan Nagar is a leading residential township project in Rajarhat, Newtown. It is a 30+ acre project. It offers top-class amenities including ATM facilities, gardens, shopping complexes, and commercial spaces. There’s much more within the complex. Plus, you get a bastu-friendly and freehold property. Ujaan Nagar township is everything you would ever want your modern home to be!

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