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Top 7 Alternatives to Flats For Your Next Residential Property Investment

Flats for your next residential plot

Home buyers and real estate Investors often tend to limit their residential properties-buying options to conventional flats. While flats are a great choice due to their affordability and convenience, other alternatives can provide you with better space, privacy, security, and of course great returns in the long run.

In this blog, we will delve into different types of residential properties that you may want to consider investing in.

Residential Properties that are  Way More Desirable than Flats 

Following are some of the least mentioned but most lucrative residential properties that can prove to be a stellar investment choice!

  • Residential Plots

Residential plots are large pieces of undeveloped land where you can build a highly customised and spacious house for yourself at your convenience. The major benefit is that you can work things out from scratch and can take your time in building your dream home, without any constraints.

  • Independent Houses or Villas
villa house

Independent houses or villas are one of the popular choices amongst both real estate investors and home-buyers. Typically, these are defined as standalone houses that come with a yard or a verandah, often situated in the countryside. It is especially preferred by those seeking a smooth escape from the congestion of city life. It provides residents with the luxury of space and privacy. 

Villas are either built on the owner’s land or within gated communities comprising various villas. They come in a range of sizes, from one-storey houses to aesthetic bungalows, suitable for families with varying budgets.

  • Row Houses

Row houses are a series of attached houses, sharing side walls, designed to look identical or have a common architectural theme. However, seldom share walls, rather, they are situated close with just a compound or narrow passage in between. They offer a smart mix of both community living and privacy, while also fostering a sense of safety because of the closely situated houses. Rowhouses are also more affordable compared to villas.

  • Gated Communities

The gated community is an increasingly popular trend in urban housing. These are residential townships with a mix of residential properties, such as plots, bungalows, and apartments, and are sought for their secure, comfortable, and community-driven living environment.

Gated communities are equipped with security gates, controlled access, and a host of modern amenities.  They are exclusively designed to offer residents a safe and convenient living experience. Besides, they provide residents with a range of shared facilities like swimming pools, community halls, clubhouses, recreational areas, sports complexes, and well-kept landscapes. 

  • Penthouse

Penthouses occupy the upper floors of high-rise buildings, offering a bird’s eye view of the cityscape or surrounding landscape. They are opulent and are equipped with high-end amenities, private terraces, and sometimes even private swimming pools. Their unparalleled luxury, privacy, and exclusivity come at a premium, making them a status symbol and an ultimate dream home for many.

  • Farmhouse
farm house

Farmhouses are found on the outskirts of cities, amidst lush greenery. They are a perfect weekend getaway, and provide homeowners with a peaceful retreat to escape the city’s chaos. 

Farmhouses have ample outdoor space, replete with gardens, orchards, and swimming pools, making them ideal for family gatherings or parties. In recent years, they have gained popularity among environmentally conscious buyers looking to grow their organic produce and live in harmony with nature.

  • Builder Floors

This type of development is an ideal choice for those looking for an affordable, yet independent space to call home. Builder floors are low-rise, typically 2-4 storey buildings, where each floor is an independent residential unit. They are more common in metro cities where buyers prefer smaller dwelling units close to their workplaces. 

Although they offer more privacy and exclusivity as compared to flats, they provide considerably fewer amenities. 

The Bottom Line 

The real estate industry has been expanding at an exponential rate and is swiftly pacing out to meet the rapidly changing tastes of home buyers and investors alike. Whether you are looking for privacy, sustainability, luxury, or affordability, there is a diverse range of residential properties you can explore and ultimately invest in to craft a superlative residential experience for you and your family, especially with smart residential township projects like Sri Sai Ujaan Nagar, Newtown. 

Sri Sai Ujaan Nagar is a 100+ bighas project situated in a desirable and well-connected region in the bustling city of Kolkata. With high-end amenities, expansive plots, and magnificent bungalows, the township project provides its residents with a top-notch living experience. Call us now!

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