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Stock market vs Residential plot : Which will yield better return in 10 years?

Stock market vs Real estate

The importance of investing in the right asset has assumed greater significance in recent years. Masses have become more aware of the importance of not just making money, but also amplifying it the best possible way. While there are plenty of investment options prevalent in the market, the stock market and real estate continue to be the dominant ones. 

However, that gives rise to a plausible query: What will yield better returns, the stock market or real estate?

The answer varies with individual preferences, risk-bearing abilities, and financial goals. 

The Stock Market Vs Residential Plot: What’s Best For You?

Comparing stock market and residential plots on the following parameters will help you understand what best suits your financial goals.

Return on Investment (ROI)

One of the primary advantages of investing in residential plots is the potential for steady appreciation over time. Especially when you buy a plot in top-tier metro cities like Kolkata, you can expect an annual appreciation of up to 10%. However, it may take a considerably long time to fetch you desirable returns. 

In contrast, the stock market can yield sizable profits within a short period. It also comes with significant risk as the ROI heavily depends on the performance of a company’s shares.

If you have a high-risk tolerance, the stock market may be a good choice. However, if you want to play safe, and have long-term financial goals, such as securing your and your family’s future in the next ten years, it would be best to invest in a residential plot!

Liquidity of the Money You Invest

Stock markets have high liquidity as compared to residential plots. One can buy or sell shares and liquidate the investment in the blink of an eye.  However, some amount may be deducted at the time of sale or withdrawal. 

On the other hand, real estate investments are not liquid and can take longer than you expect to sell the residential plot. It also requires an investor to put in a lot of time and effort in marketing the property and closing the deal with all the essential paperwork. Besides, you can seldom expect a lump sum of payment from the buyer’s end, which further delays the complete receipt of the capital you need. 

If you are seeking to earn instant hikes in your investment and returns that directly go into your pockets, you may consider investing in stocks. But if your financial conditions allow you to wait for a considerable duration until you earn returns, residential plots would be the best investment

The Influence of Economic Conditions 

The economic condition of the country and world at large lays a high impact on your investments, be it the stock market or real estate. However, the degree of the impact may vary in both cases.  

For example, property values and rental prices increase during inflation, thus giving real estate investments an extra edge of benefit. However, it badly hits the listed companies and in turn affects the Growth of stock prices, thus putting the shareholder’s money at stake. 

If you have enough experience in navigating the volatility of the share market and can invest your money strategically, then you may go for stock market investments. However, if you want to enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your investment will yield good returns sooner or later, residential plots are the key.

In a Nutshell 

Eventually, you might want to consider investing in both real estate and stock markets to make your investment portfolio more holistic and less risky. While it may take you an excruciatingly long time to understand the Ins and outs of the stock market and make the best possible investment, your search for a spot-on real estate investment certainly ends here at Rajarhat, Newtown.

Sri Sai Ujaan Nagar is 100+ acres leading residential township project located in Rajarhat, Newtown. The plots are ready-to-register and have a high appreciation potential since they are located in the most desirable location of the city with the best of local amenities and transport facilities around. Choose from 2, 2.5, 3, 4, and 5 Kathas and take your first step towards a stress-free and lucrative investment, and enjoy high returns in the next ten years!

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