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Should You Live in the City Center or Outside the City?

City life

Identifying the right location is one of the most overwhelming tasks when it comes to home hunting. You may often struggle to decide whether to live in a bustling city centre or in the quiet and serene outskirts. 

No matter where you choose to live,  each place has its distinct characteristics and will provide you with a unique residential experience. However, the ultimate choice will boil down to your personal preferences and budget, among other factors. 

In this blog, we’ll delve into the numerous factors you might want to consider when choosing between city life and peaceful suburbs.

City or the Outskirts: What’s Best for You?

Contemplating the following factors may help you arrive at the best possible decision! 

  • Lifestyle Choices

Living in a city is a perfect idea for those who enjoy a fast-moving and buzzing environment.  These swarming places are indeed packed with opportunities for social interactions, cultural exposure, and employment. Whether you want to dine in a high-end restaurant or hang out in shopping malls, you will find everything on your doorstep.  Such a lifestyle is undeniably appealing for those drawn to a vibrant lifestyle. However, it can also mean dealing with more noise and pollution, especially if you are living near busy roads.

Conversely, residing outside the city is an excellent choice if you desire a quieter, slower-paced living experience. Suburban areas usually provide capacious living spaces, outdoor areas, and close-knit communities, which are truly desirable for those who prefer nature-kissed surroundings and a deep sense of belonging.

  • Daily Commute Requirements 

Proximity to work can significantly impact your decision when looking to buy a house. City centres offer plenty of job opportunities. It also saves on your commute time as the corporate offices are situated relatively closer, making it an ideal place for working professionals.

However, with the work-from-home culture being in full swing, you should not have to worry about travelling to the office as such. Again, that depends on your work policies and how often you need to visit the workplace. Additionally, if your prospective residential plot or bungalow enjoys excellent proximity to leading companies, as in the case of Ujaan Nagar, you are at no loss!

  • Family Considerations

For families with children, the choice often depends on the nearby availability of educational institutions and safe spaces for kids to play. Many suburbs are well-known for their excellent schools and in-house play areas. However, city centres aren’t devoid of good schools and extracurricular activities either, allowing children to hone their personality the easy way.

  • Amenities and Services

Cities and suburbs both are on par when it comes to amenities. You can expect an array of amenities such as gyms, parks, community centres, and healthcare facilities. And if you are considering moving into a township project like Ujaan Nagar, you can use all of these right within the complex, and thus enjoy less crowded convenience, unlike the city.

  • Budgetary Preferences 

Generally, housing in the major city centres tends to come at a premium because of high demand. Additionally,  you will get a large number of compact housing options due to the congestion. 

On the contrary, if you are on a budget, you can find more affordable housing options, especially outside the city with larger, customisable homes and generous living spaces.

The Bottom Line  

We hope that thinking along the lines of the factors discussed above will help you make an informed decision about where you want to settle. 

And if you want a mindful mix of both, consider buying a property at Ujaan Nagar Township Project. Situated in Rajarhat, Newtown, the project offers the best of both worlds with splendid green surroundings and seamless connectivity to the rest of the city. 
From schools and hospitals to wellness and recreational centres, you can leverage every facility at your convenience. Prioritise your physical and mental comfort over everything else and craft a new, happy world of your own!

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